What is pan tilt zoom ?

Pan tilt zoom is the nomenclature of a camera where the user can control the direction as well as movement of the lens with the help of a controller or an automation system, from a distant location on some software applications.

Operations performed by pan tilt zoom cameras:

Pan, tilt and zoom are three different types of operations that are performed by the pan tilt zoom camera. Horizontal movement of the lens is referred to as panning while tilting refers to the vertical movement. Zooming is the adjustment of the focal length of the lens so as to make a subject appear closer or far away from its original position. This apparent position of the subject depends on the settings of the focal length of the lens. Pan tilt zoom camera comes with an adjustable optical zoom. The other type of pan tilt zoom camera is the virtual pan tilt zoom or VPTZ where a high resolution camera zooms into different parts of an image. This is done without any physical movement of the camera.

The pan tilt zoom camera is commonly used for surveillance purpose. The surveillance cameras with PTZ capability enables the user to specify the number of positions that can be easily monitored. This feature, also known as preset positions is extensively used in alarm triggers.

Additionally, the pan tilt zoom camera also has another feature known as auto-touring. The settings of this camera can also be modified to follow moving targets.

Apart from its usage as surveillance cameras, it is also used in television studios, sporting events etc.

Benefits of pan tilt zoom camera:



  • This camera (i like this one) is extensively used for surveillance purposes for its ability of being controlled from a distant location with the help of just a remote controller. This enables the user to cover a much wider area with only a single camera.



  • This camera is cost efficient as it does the work of a number of static cameras single-handedly.



  • This camera can also be used in auto-tracking where the camera follows movements.



  • The auto-touring feature of the camera allows it to cover a wide range of area without requiring any inputs from the user.



  • Unlike other cameras, pan tilt zoom camera offers great flexibility and 360 degree rotation.



The pan tilt zoom camera is weather-proof (that is it is immune to rain, wind and even high heat), tamperproof with a much simplified installation process in comparison to other cameras.

When it comes to intransigent security, pan tilt zoom cameras are the ones to choose. Depending on the features you need, the camera is reasonably priced.